Goddesses of the North


Things are busy at this time of year. My two sons started school last week, and I started teaching my mythology classes for Gifted Homeschoolers Forum. When I’m not in chronos time, driving my kids to school, running errands, and other mundane chores, I’ve been living in the world of the frozen North, breathing in the Arctic air and feeling my nostrils freeze, staring hypnotized at the northern lights and watching reindeer lope through birch forests.

I’m working on a new novel, set in Seattle, Alaska and Sweden. It centers around two Norse goddesses, Frigga and Fulla. Frigga is the wife of Odin, and she is a powerful goddess indeed, of love, marriage, fertility, and prophecy. Frigga is known for the small box or casket that she owns, full of jewels and magical devices.

Fulla is Frigga’s handmaiden, and is the keeper of the box, and it is with these two that my story starts. It includes the son of Wayland Smith, the fate of the box, and a troll who wants it for his hoard. 

I’m having so much fun with the story right now, and I love being in that state of kairos time that comes with creating. More about the novel in the weeks and months to come!



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