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Allison offers workshops and retreats related to myth at various locations throughout the year. Her upcoming offerings include a weekend on Whidbey Island in November 2017 focusing on branding through myth, and a yoga and myth retreat to Bali, the “Island of the Gods,” in August 2018.


JULY 30 – AUGUST 10, 2018

Island of the Gods.

Floating Leaf Retreat Center

Villa Nirmala in the village of Ubud

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The Balinese culture is steeped in beauty, love, and stories of the gods.

Many travelers have been influenced by the incredible generosity and warmth of the Balinese people, as well as their deep appreciation of art, music, dance, and other forms of beauty. Bali is more than just a lovely tropical island; it’s a sanctuary, a sacred land known as the Island of the Gods. Spirituality is an integral part of everyday life on Bali, and an understanding of the Balinese myth and ritual can deepen your appreciation of this culture.

Allow your heart to open as you saturate yourself in the beauty and love that permeate every aspect of life in Bali.

Immerse yourself in the Balinese culture.

We’ll experience this incredible culture on as many levels as possible. We’ll visit some of the many temples of Bali and experience their intricate art and architecture. Your appreciation of these places will be enhanced through knowledge of the mythology of this culture, allowing you to explore the underlying reasons for the choices made in creating the temples. This understanding of the Balinese way of viewing life and the universe will allow us a deeper understanding of our own lives and journeys as well.

Ritual is very important in Balinese culture, and we’ll participate in this tradition. We’ll visit Tirta Empul, the water temple of Ubud, where people come to bathe in the sacred healing waters. This water is said to remove negative energies and cleanse you on all levels. Before we go to the temple, we’ll prepare ourselves through yoga and meditation, so we can release what no longer serves.

There are literally thousands of temples on Bali, and we’ll have the opportunity to enter some of the most beautiful and striking of them, soaking in the sacred space. Dance is also a sacred Balinese art form, and we’ll have the opportunity to witness a Balinese ritual dance, and to create our own sacred embodiment.

Enjoy your stay in some of the most beautiful retreat centers Bali has to offer.

We’ll begin at the coast, where we’ll stay at Floating Leaf Retreat Center, at the coast of Bali. Called the “number one yoga retreat center in Bali” by Condé Nast Traveler and the Huffington Post, this incredible oasis offers gorgeous views of the Indian Ocean (with access to the beach) and Bali’s volcanoes, along with unparalleled hospitality. We’ll enjoy an incredible yoga space with views of the ocean. Access to some of Bali’s best spa treatments is a great bonus!

Next, we’ll transition to Villa Nirmala in the village of Ubud, the beating cultural heart of Bali. Set amongst the peaceful rice fields on the edge of the village, this charmingly designed retreat center offers modern comforts along with true Balinese hospitality.

We’ll have exclusive use of the retreat center, including the beautiful yoga shala and infinity pool. Incredible meals, created using mostly locally-sourced food, will nourish your body and heart. For my massage lovers – yes, there’s a spa! You can enjoy as many massages as you wish. Open body, open heart!

All of us have felt the transcendence that can come from experiencing beauty with a truly open heart. We crave this experience, but it’s all too rare in our modern society. The constant hustle of everyday life leaves most of us too little time even to seek out beauty, let alone to spend time soaking it in and letting it open us.

We also crave a deeper connection with a community that truly values every person. The modern world, though technologically advanced, can feel cold and impersonal, with most people becoming increasingly isolated despite our use of “social” media. To experience the warmth of a society that truly values each person can refresh us on the deepest possible level.

Discover yourself through myth, yoga, and ceremony.

Allison is a comparative mythologist, with knowledge about myths from a variety of diverse cultures. She’s an expert in discovering the deeper truths of mythology, and finding the ways in which they apply to your own life. As we explore the stories of Bali, she’ll invite you into contemplation, allowing you to integrate the lessons into your own life.

Patti will offer daily yoga and meditation. If you’re not a “yogi,” don’t worry – these will be all-levels classes, with plenty of modifications. As the author of The Yoga Doctor, Patti is an expert at helping people make their yoga practices work for their bodies. And every practice is optional anyway, so feel free to skip the yoga if it’s not your thing!

At all of their retreats, Allison and Patti strive to create the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation. Expect to maintain a sense of spaciousness, with plenty of time for rest and reflection. You may wish to journal, talk with your wonderful retreat-mates (aka new best friends!), or just sit quietly and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the area.

By the end of your time in Bali, your heart will be wide open and shining brightly. We look forward to welcoming you to this sacred island of love and beauty, to experience Yoga and Myth on the Island of the Gods.

You can save your spot in Bali with a nonrefundable deposit of $300. The total price for this retreat is $2950 for a shared room, or $3400 for a single room. This includes accommodations, all meals, activities, and in-country transportation, but does not include your international flights, or spa treatments and other personal expenses. If you would like to save your spot in our Bali experience, you can use the form below.

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APRIL 27 – MAY 4, 2019

Malta Retreat – for Women Only

An Exploration of the Divine Feminine
with Allison Stieger and Patti Shelton M.D.

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