Allison Stieger: Management Consultant, Mythologist

Patterns of myth exist in the world everywhere you go, and management consultant & mythologist Allison Stieger applies those ancient legends to leading edge solutions for corporations and organizations, leaders and team members. Having a deep understanding of the wisdom of the ages, Allison offers a fresh spin on problem-solving that’s applicable and impactful in the current business world.


As an advisor, Allison looks with a critical eye on how companies are framing and communicating their stories and messages, both externally and internally, and assists them toward new, focused directions. Corporations heading into bold, epic initiatives also rely on Allison to guide their executives to successful leadership using insights from time-tested wisdom.


Areas of Impact with Allison’s work:



-gain perspective on what your organization may inadvertently be telling the public

-create a new message to represent your company’s deeper identity in a coherent, meaningful way to the outside world

-enlist all team members as part of that same story, working together toward the same goal


Corporate Initiatives:

-plan major corporate shifts in the context of mythic journeys and trials

-assist leaders in preparing teams for future change

-communicate with and bond team members to the group mission

-create positive global citizenship with partners and thrive in a globalized society

-find creative solutions and fresh insight into lingering management issues


Human Resources:

-resolve conflicts and improve morale with improved interpersonal skills

-handle crisis management with tools derived from examples of other cultures’ patterns since the beginning of time

-gain objectivity and broader perspective in high stress scenarios with archetypical behavioral understanding and applicable lessons for real action


Allison has learned that using her blend of cultural wisdom and corporate knowledge, clients make rapid, lasting improvements while experiencing greater overall team satisfaction.


A committed professional with a background in academia and an expertise in mythology studies, Allison consults with businesses in one-on-one and team sessions and makes appearances as global keynote speaker.


Past keynote talks:


  • “Understand the Myth You are Living: Mapping and Changing the Story that Your Organization Tells the World”


  • “Understanding Archetypes: Use the Power of Ancient Behavioral Patterns to Strengthen and Unify Your Teambuilding”


  • “Beyond the Hero’s Journey: Using the Power of Myth to Tell Your Organization’s Story”


  • “Mythic Innovation: Bringing the World’s Most Ancient Wisdom to Work in Innovating Your Field”




Contact Allison to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if she’d be a good fit for your organization’s needs at





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